When you’re looking for reliable information on what’s what out there on farming issues, ag updates, machinery, or land the Linder Farm Network is your voice of Minnesota Agriculture. For over 40+ years Lynn Ketelsen has been informing both consumers and farmers alike in the Ag World. Lynn also encourages his listeners to engage in conversation about issues that pertain most to them. Lynn is joined by broadcasters Linda Brekke and Dan Lemke. For any information regarding the markets in the MN or surrounding areas, tune into 102.3FM or 800AM WVAL or go to linderfarmnetwork.com
The Linder Farm Network (Owatonna, MN) is the Voice of Minnesota Agriculture, heard on affiliates across the state and online at www.linderfarmnetwork.com


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  6:10 AM - Linder Farm News
  9:55 AM - Linder Farm Update
12:30 PM - Linder Midday Farm Review
  1:45 PM - Linder Farm Network: Chicago Board Of Trade Update

10:30 AM & 5:30 PM

Little Known Facts is a radio show featuring beautifully written stories of Americana about famous folks who have done great things that you didn't know until you hear about them here!.

Each story is a piece of what made this country great. They are the true tales of the origin of common-place things. But the story of how they got started has never been told.

This popular radio show written and voiced by Chaz Allen


8:30 AM

Travel back in time to the golden age of country music. The founders of country and western.  The classics from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

We celebrate the many subgenres of Country music- the founders of Honkytonk, The Nashville Sound, Outlaw Country, Tulsa Sound, Truck-Driving, Cowboy Ballads, The Bakersfield Sound and Western Swing.

Yesterday Once More features the largest and ever-growing music library of classic and traditional country in radio today

The mission statement of Yesterday Once More:  "Building a bridge back to the past, preserving this music for future generations to enjoy"

3:30 PM

Five days a week Dakota Livesay shares a story about an event or person from the Old West.

Monday through Friday you can hear all about the people and places of the Old West. From the infamous Wild Bill Hickok and Judge Roy Bean, to the outlaws they pursued, and the cattlemen and settlers who carved out a home in the Western Frontier.

It's Addicting!

Each day Dakota shares something you probably didn't know about the Old West. Each show is about events that take place in the month in which they are aired.


11:00 AM

This clever one-hour program features a fresh take every weekend with themes ranging from artists, sub genres, country music icons, songwriters, producers, events of musical & cultural significance, arrangers, music producers and the lives of the performing artists.

You wont hear strictly the top hits of a selected artist here! We dig for the deep cuts of the artists and their forgotten songs, connections, covers, contributions to and from other artists as well as a visit to "This Day In Country Music History."

The music library of the WVAL Spotlight Show continues to grow weekly providing the listener with a wonderful companion for the journey down the lane of music memories.

11:00 PM

When Radio Was brings listeners the very best of the Golden Age of Radio. Packed with classic performers, iconic characters, and top-flight story-telling, When Radio Was is pure timeless entertainment hosted by Greg Bell.

Detectives and Crime Fighters – Return to the scene of the crime with The Shadow, Sam Spade, The Green Hornet, Gang Busters, Sherlock Holmes, and many more!

Comedy Classics – Laugh along with the great performers – Jack Benny, Abbott & Costello, Red Skelton, Our Miss Brooks, Burns & Allen and many others!

Drama, Westerns, Mysteries, Thrillers, Sci-Fi – Enjoy classic western adventure with Hopalong Cassidy, the top stars of Hollywood in Screen Director’s Playhouse, chilling horror in Lights Out, and so much more!



5:00 AM
9:00 AM
3:00 PM

Cowboy Kurt
Cindy Glazier
Randy Kaye


 8:00 AM
12:00 PM
 5:00 PM

The Stardust Cowboy
Linda Sue - The Farmer's Daughter
The Stardust Cowboy


12:00 PM

Linda Sue - The Farmer's Daughter